All Hail the GOAT – 69’n Once Again

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That feeling you get when you shoot a 69 the first round back from surgery…


In all seriousness, the GOAT is back (I hate myself). After 301 days, and a massive back surgery, Tiger Woods returned to competitive golf and this dude shoots a 69, 68, 75, 68 finishing his round -8 for the weekend. As a lifelong Tiger fan, I couldn’t be happier for him. He seems finally content with his life again. And DAMN that swing looks more powerful than ever – consistently out-driving his counterparts all weekend. Maybe he’s using performance enhancing drugs once again. And by that I mean Tiger is back to blowing coke off some prostitute(s).

If Tiger is in the running on a Sunday afternoon at a Major Championship, ratings will go through the roof. There is no doubt he brings a shit ton of ratings. Crossing my fingers for a few more major wins for Woods. It would be absolutely electric and GREAT for golf.


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