Announcing Capital Coast Sports

To say this has been in the works for years would be in understatement. After years of delay and excuses, I finally got my shit together and created my own website I named (obviously because you are here right now). CapitalCoastSports will focus it’s content around sports, but will for sure branch out to other subjects (beer, food, lifestyle, anything I find interesting which in turn – you will find interesting). Let me break you down how the website will work:

Blogs: Yes, you will have to read some of the bullshit I am thinking – but at least it is going to mostly be about sports. I am trying to make a place where you can come everyday, read/view something that happened along with getting my point of view in the sport world. I will have a lot of contributors that I will compile over the next few months, that will bring in expertise that I cannot single handily provide.

Podcasts: This is primarily why I thought about starting a website in the first place a few years ago. I have been wanting to start my very own podcasts for a very long time and now that I have a platform to do that, i can finally get that going.

Other Shit: Obviously, there will be a ton of other stuff coming in the future. To be honest, right now I am just trying to fucking learn WordPress. Hopefully, one day in the near future, there will be a store, multiple podcasts, videos and other pieces of content we can be proud of.

In short, welcome to A site where you don’t have to take yourself too seriously, get away with almost anything, and not worry about the SJWs. Leave a comment, let me know what you think, and enjoy!

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