Bitcoin is Killing My Vibe Right Now

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Bitcoin is currently hovering around $18,000 per coin right now with some exchanges as high as $20,000…

I’ve been hearing about bitcoin since 2010 – when my degenerate roommate at the time was pleading with me to get involved. He was a big believer in ‘Silk Road’ which if you didn’t know, was basically the dark web where you could buy literally anything. You want guns? Prostitutes? Any type of drug? Silk Road was your place. It was littered with illegal activity. There was no way in hell I was buying into it. Welp – look at me now. Its 2017 and I have ZERO coins. This tweet sums it up…

Oh my old roommate you ask? He bought a ton of them…Then sold in 2013 when it was around $1,400 each and made somewhere in the neighborhood of $50k. Great trade right? WELP…he then spent it all on equipment to make meth and ended up getting arrested for burning down a tractor trailer (his lab). Bad decision confirmed.

I guess it could be worse….in 2010 a dude bought two pizzas for 10,000 bitcoins…must have thought he was really cool…

At lease I am not that guy.


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