MLG Dallas On Hold After Bomb Threat – Of Course Nerds Troll Dallas News Team Helicopter

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Yes – this is a competitive Call of Duty post. And no – I am not ashamed. Capital Coast Sports covers everything – even Call of Duty. I have been watching for a few years now and I have to say….It’s really entertaining. If you are a COD fan, you will enjoy competitive Call of Duty.

You are being forewarned. This post will be cringy if you think eSports are lame/nerdy/dumb. But frankly, IDGAF.

This year, fans and players are more excited than ever, with Call of Duty returning to ‘boots on the ground’ with a World War II game type – after years of fucking jetpacks. The hype is real. The team I follow, OpTic Gaming is the #1 seed going into this years competition, fresh off a Call of Duty Championship in 2017. So I sit down, pop Twitch (a stream platform) on up on my screen and start watching the first Major League Gaming competition of the year – MLG Dallas. I get a half hour into it and this shit goes black screen. I am sitting there like, ‘WTF OPTIMUM?!’ thinking my internet is down. Log onto twitter and see this….

Well – that is scary to say the least. Police had to then round up the nerds and get everyone to safety. Well, the gaming fans saw a helicopter above and decided to do what nerds do…

HAHA … goteem….the cringe is real.

MLG and the Dallas police are taking the necessary precautions and postponing play until tomorrow. Everyone is safe – and that’s the number one priority.

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