The Marlins Deal Stanton to Yankees for Nothing is Ultimately Collusion

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Collusion: one of the key words for 2017. It’s been used politically for commentators all year, yet, there has been no higher sense of collusion than this shit going on down in South Beach. I am fucking livid. You got Derek fuckin Jeter who waltzes into the front office of the Miami Marlins thinking he’s hot shit. Fresh off retirement, this fucking weasel makes sure his first order of business is to deal arguably the best player, let alone best outright homerun hitter of this generation, to his old team!?!?! AND FOR WHAT? A FUCKING BAG OF BASEBALLS. This is fucking COLLUSION!! Where the fuck is Rob Manfred?!?! He too busy juicing fucking baseballs than to see what the hell is happening right in front of him! This has ‘Chris Paul to the Lakers’ all over it. It needs to be blocked TODAY. You cannot have a legend of a franchise,move to the front office of another team and HAND OVER the best player in baseball to that old team!! Am I the only one who fucking sees collusion!??! I’m tilted right now. This some bullshit.

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