One of the Biggest Twitch Streamers Just Went Live on His Channel and Admitted to Cheating on His Wife.

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YouTube/Twitch fame. It gets to you, man. One of, if not THE biggest Twitch streamer in the world, Dr. DisRespect,  went live on his stream in front of thousands of viewers, and confessed that he “wasn’t faithful” to his family.

God damn it. Which one of you eGirls got to our dude Doc? Man had a wife and a young kid. Not good. I seriously wonder if the channel can survive this being that his character is based on a confident, cocky, over the top character with killer mustache. Shit won’t be the same.

2017 claims another victim. After a crazy successful year on Twitch, amassing over 1.4 million followers, Doc has just been given a one massive L.

Watch the video here.


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