Darren McFadden Alleged a Financial Adviser Wrongfully Took $3 Million From Him Relating to a Bitcoin Venture. Had He Invested In Bitcoin At That Time, It Would Now Be Worth $237,000,000

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THE ULTIMATE FAIL: Giving a financial adviser money to invest $3 million in Bitcoin a few years ago (where that in itself was a gamble) only to find out the gamble worked but the dude used that $3 million to fund his own lifestyle in a slush fund. Just wow. Had McFadden used that money to buy bitcoin, he would have made well over $200 million.

Here’s the kicker – he just filed a lawsuit against the guy for only $15 million. DAMN. I mean look: $15 million is nothing to laugh at – it’s bigger than his last contract, which was $5.9 million over two years. But holy hell, I thought I had it bad. I have a feeling that more and more of these stories will start to come out now that Bitcoin is just absolutely killing it.

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