Belichick Bans Tom Brady’s Personal Snake Oil Salesman From The Sidelines

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Trouble in Foxborough?!? One can only hope with Belicheat at the helm. Seems as though Bill has had enough with Tom Brady’s ‘personal trainer’, Alex Guerrero.

Guerrero, who has once claimed he cured cancer using his “Supreme Green” supplements, has long been known to be a glorified snake oil salesman. Reports are that Guerrero has tried to get the team’s players to turn on the coaching staff and MEDICAL SCIENCE. Just another wack job, know-it-all, who should have been gone long ago. Yet, he has been able to leach off the team for years; even helping Tom Brady start the TB12 center right outside Gillette Stadium. This must be the guy that has Tom Brady against TOMATOES. Anyone who puts tomatoes on their shitlist can seriously fuck off – and that’s exactly what the Patriots did. Guerrero is now banned from boarding Patriots jets and had his sideline access revoked. Watch Tom tear his ACL next week now that the man he credits his success at the age of 40 is not on the sidelines anymore.

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