Brandon Marshall Has A Better Chance At Being The Lead Anchor On ‘Inside The NFL’ Than Going To The HOF

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There are some people in the league that just need to go away, but it seems like Brandon Marshall isn’t planning on doing that any time soon. The 33 year-old said he wants to return to the Giants next season and has at least two good years left in his tank.

“I’m all-in on football. I’ve rebuilt my body. I think I’m two great years away from — and I’ll say it, I want to be a Hall of Famer, and I think I got two great years to go to be mentioned with some of the greats,” Marshall stated. “I’m not just playing this game just to be a guy; I want to be remembered for the product that I put out on the field.”

Okay, FIRST: Until TO gets into the Hall of Fame, no other wide receiver should get in. That is just a fact. Brandon Marshall will go down as a player who had unbelievable talent, some regular season success, but was too much of a ‘cancer’ in the locker room to ever put the team he was on (5 teams in his career) over the top and into the playoffs.

SECOND: He is the clearest ‘cut’ I have ever seen. The Giants will absolutely cut him this off-season. The question is: Will he be open to taking a massive pay cut? Not sure. In his mind, it’s not about the money.

“Well, one, it’s not about the money for me,” Marshall said. “I’ve done well, my wife and I, we’ve done a great job. So it’s not about the money. I’m good for life, my kids are good for life. But I’m back to my beast, bullish, Brandon Marshall ways. The things that you guys have seen get me in trouble Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, I’m back to that type of mentality.”

Oh, so your back on your “never make the playoffs in your 12 year career” ways? Cool. Hope it works out for you, bud.

THIRD:  It seems as though I can’t get rid of this guy. He’s like the James Corden of the sport world. He. Is. Everywhere. and I can’t stand him. Get him off the TV and stop putting a microphone in front of this clown.


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