A Woman In Front Of Me Just Bought 8 Gallons Of Milk At The Grocery Store

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Here in the tri-state area, we are bracing for a small snow storm with accumulations of about 5 inches (give or take). Now, being in the North East, most people should be able to cope with a small snow storm, yet, every single time the weatherman says we are going to get more than an inch, crazy motherfuckers come out of the woodwork to rain down their terror on grocery stores across the land.

Unfortunately for me today, I ran out of coffee. Usually it wouldn’t be a big deal, but I am headed to Disney World tomorrow night, so I am not going into work tomorrow. Coffee is a must in the AM. It dawned on me around 3 o’clock today, I will have to make the trek into the local Shoprite.

As I walk thru the Valley of the Shadow of Death looking for coffee grounds, I try to keep my head down and get the eff out of their as fast as possible. I snag the biggest size of Folgers I can find and bee line it straight to the “10 or less items” check out. It is there where my eyes felt to deceive me. As I look past a few people in front of me in the line, I notice a woman there with an entire cart full of milk gallons. What in the entire fuck is this lady preparing for? It’s 5 inches of snow…I counted 8…..8 GALLONS OF MILK. I don’t care if you have 10 kids…you do not need 8 gallons of milk for anything, let alone for 5 inches of snow overnight. People are absolutely insane. Be careful out there. Especially if you are headed to the grocery store. God Speed.

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