NY Mets Invite 50 Cent Back to Citi Field To Throw First Pitch Due To Jeff Wilpon Thinking Rapper Is Actual Money

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The NY Mets have announced that they are going to invite 50 Cent back to Citi Field this coming year so he can have a chance at redemption. The first time around was a massive fail.

“Listen, no one warned me. No one said: ‘Risk versus reward!’ I would have kept my ass in the stands. This is never going away.” stated the rapper/businessman.

This is now where we are in NY Met history. Where the Mets are more worried about a bankrupt rapper throwing out the first pitch than actually putting together a decent team. Yes, they just signed Jay Bruce but they sucked with him, and they sucked without him. The sad thing is, Mets ownership most likely invited him back because they thought there was 50 cents in it for them. The Wilpons need to sell the team.


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