Golf Channel Cameramen Walk Out On Sony Open Coverage; Proceed to Chill At The Swim-up Bar

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Union workers for video and audio production at the Golf Channel walked out of the last round coverage of the Sony Open and two other events around the world today after failed attempts to reach an agreement for their contracts.

In an absolute power move, (allegedly) the camera crews then hopped over to pool swim up bar to watch the NFL games. Genius. Of course you’re going to schedule the walk-out while you’re in Hawaii. Paid vacation to Hawaii, and now you don’t even have to work. You gotta respect that. I am a huge golf fan, but as a multi billion dollar company that is the Golf Channel, it’s almost unacceptable to not give them health insurance. Point for the little guy.



    1. Thanks for the comment Rob!

      “Five years after the launch (The Golf Channel was launched in 1995 so this puts us at the year 2000), Comcast bought majority interest in The Golf Channel, with Comcast’s 54.7 percent stake valued at $369 million, resulting in a generous payout for both Gibbs and Palmer. In 2011, the network became part of NBC Sports after Comcast bought NBC.”

      Being that the Golf Channel was worth around 674 million in 2000, it is easy to forecast that it is now worth well over $1B in 2018.

      Here is another source that should help:


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