The Ultimate Losers of The January Transfer Window

January!  What a great month for professional sports. Football is in playoffs, the NBA is gearing up for the All-Star break and pieces are shifting around the league, of course we can not forget the January Transfer Window for BPL. What’s the BPL you ask? If that is your first question, then best to find a different article. The British Premier League only has two available transfer dates to acquire new talent for their teams. With half the season done, the right moves can propel you into the top 4 or knock you out.

Loser 1

Our leading candidate for biggest loser is the Gunners. Arsenal besides being a garbage team is now outside the top four and are on the brink of losing their best player. Alexis Sanchez is going somewhere and if rumors are to be believed he will be a Manchester United Player by the end of the week. So not only lose their best player but lose him to a top 4 team! Well Done! Garbage!

Loser 2

Liverpool, now I like their chances to still finish top 4 or 5 but losing out on their number one playmaker does not look good. Not only did they lose Phillipe Coutinho to Barcelona but they yet to replace him. To think your team will still operate the same would be foolish. I do feel as though their usual “purging” of Southampton will still happen.

Winner 1

Everton making a move to drop or move 4-5 players out and bring in some new blood. Yes, they got absolutely ripped off by the Ross Barkley deal and that shit should be investigated. Anyone who has played FIFA or Football Manager can tell you Barkley is worth at least $25 mil. However, he clearly didn’t want to be there and sometimes that level of toxicity can do more damage than being a good player. Cenk Tosun and Theo Walcott will provide a much need offensive boost to this mid table team.

Winner 2

Burnley! Just because they are currently 7th in the league which is way better than anyone predicted, and they have acquired Georges- Kevin N’koudou on loan, giving them a bit of extra first team speed.

Money is on Arsenal to drop with a tight battle for 7th-10th. While Tottenham, Chelsea, and Liverpool fight for 3rd and 4th.

Travis Heilman, Contributor 



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