Entire Crypto Market Tanks 100 Billion In One Morning

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Well…this is a bit scary. This morning, the entire crypto market dropped almost $100 billion for apparently not reason at all. Gotta love these “coins”.

Look, I have a lot of respect for people who invest in cryptocurrencies – they have balls of steel if they are still in it after the roller coaster ride that is the crypto market, but this shit right here? This shit is not kosher. I think the main problem with crypto is that we all understand there will be something along the lines of a ‘digital currency’ but right now, to pay a $30 fee for a bitcoin transaction is complete bullshit. So what do you do? Do you invest in Litecoin? Ethereum? Ripple? Dash? Monero? Zcash? What about DOGECOIN? WTF IS A DOGECOIN YOU ASK? IT’S A FUCKING MEME COIN. YES THAT’S CORRECT.


This bubble will soon burst, with thousands of cucks losing their shirts. Or, we will all become a meme, using a Goddamn dog for money. Son of a bitch. Either way, I am a dumbass for not investing.

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