Man Drops A $42,000 Bottle Of Champagne On The Floor At An Ibiza Club

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This might be a very early favorite to win ‘Biggest Fail of 2018’.

You know for a fact this dude rolled up to the club thinking it was his night. It was there for the taking. The club, the suit, the bottle service: all in place. Everyone has their phone out for some reason, thinking it is cool that this little fucker paid a $41,000 up-charge on this bottle. What a bunch of peasants. Looking for pricing rather quickly, you could buy a bottle like this for $900 dollars – so that’s fail number one. Fail number two comes quickly after he tries repeatedly to open the bottle only to immediately drop it and having it literally bukkake all over him in front of hundreds of people. Fail number three is this little prick was wearing his pants so tight, that as he tries to save the bottle and reach for it in a last ditch effort, his pants rip right at the knees. Absolutely hilarious.

This guy must be a ‘new rich guy’. A seasoned rich guy knows to always have someone open it for him.


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