Back to the Grind

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Okay yes – I know what you are thinking. “WTF is going on. You can’t just take a two month break from a website you created a year ago.”

Ya I am going to have to agree with you. The break was to get my shit in order along with a few small life events which made me want to sit back on the couch and just veg rather than write any more than I had to.

This is the declaration of me coming back full time. Articles, podcasts, and various other content will start back up – more abundant than ever. Make sure you follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for other stuff we put out there to the interweb.

Also – thoughts on me streaming some video games? IDK – Personally I am still debating. Still up in the air. Would be a lot of fun; and I do play a lot of Fortnite – but so does everyone right? Eff it – I just might. Keep an eye out.

Lastly, let me know some of the content you want to see written/talked about on the website/podcast. New content and contributors coming soon!!

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