How Much Are The Colts Missing Andrew Luck? Well…

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Andrew Luck is easily one of the best players in the NFL…when he is playing. That being said, the Colts absolutely STINK without him. Luck, who is currently making $23 million a year and worth every freaking penny, has been sidelined all year in the goddamn Netherlands with a shoulder injury. Yet, this past week he stated things might be looking upwards…

“I’m very optimistic,” he said. “I feel really good today. I do not think I need another surgery. I believe in the process I’m in right now. I’ve got great help and hope to continue to get better. I plan on being ready for everything — everything official, NFL offseason, schedule. … I plan on being ready.”

Still a bit scary to be honest. What Luck really needs is an offensive lineman who can protect his ass because they desperately need him back on the field. Thru 15 games this season, the Colts generated 4303 total yards. For comparison, Andrew Luck (in 2016) had a total of 4581 total yards in15 games. Shhhiiitttttt.



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